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Ninebot one A1 unicycle

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Ninebot One S1

Electric One Wheel Self Balancing Transporter

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RGB LED Lights

15% Hill Grade


12.5 mph Top Speed

15 Miles Typical Range

App & Dashboard

One Wheel, No Limits

The Ninebot One S1 is made for adventurous riders who aren’t afraid of a challenge. Riders with a unique skillset and an ‘I can do anything’ mindset can hop on the One S1 and trailblaze their own path. Once mastered, the One S1 can take you to new horizons. Are you the one for the Ninebot One S1?

Take on the Challenge

The One S1 is challenging, but rewarding, to master. Don’t be afraid to grab a friend, get some help, and unlock your potential!

Designed to Carry

Weighing just 25 pounds, the One S1’s handle makes for convenient portability. Use the app to activate Carry Mode to keep the wheel from spinning.

App & Dashboard

Use the mobile app to access the new rider tutorial, set speed limits, customize LED lighting, diagnose issues, track riding stats, and more.

Intelligent Battery Management System

BMS closely monitors the condition of each battery in the car to provide complete safety for the battery.
Greatly reduce battery failure, realize alarm and protect parking for safe riding

Compact and Portable

Travel with the One S1 is easy and convenient. Pop it in your trunk and you’re all set. Go places without boundaries. my S1 and once you’ve mastered the balancing part.